second pouch logo on laptop

Second Pouch

Connecting Families and In-Home Daycare Providers

Client: Second Pouch
Date: 2016
Services: Logo Design, Web Design

Second Pouch is an online database of in-home daycare providers in the Omaha area, built as a resource for parents searching for reliable providers for their children. In the process of building the Second Pouch brand, the wonderful people at KOVUS reached out to me to design the logo, brand assets, and the overall visual design of their website.


In creating the visuals for Second Pouch, the goal was to create a look that was friendly, authentic, trustworthy, and motherly. With the idea of a kangaroo built into the name “Second Pouch,” I created a logo and icon system using a mother kangaroo and two joeys, which are used in both the logo and custom visuals on the website. Handwritten headers and accents are incorporated for a feeling of home comfort and authenticity.


Next came website design. In designing, I continued the branding throughout all visuals on the site, including custom images of the kangaroos demonstrating key points on the website. After my design was complete, KOVUS took care of all the content and development.

Additional Credits: KOVUS (Brand Strategy, UX and Development)