If you haven’t seen it by now, my name is Dana, pronounced Day-nuh. My name is very close to famous names like Dana Altman, Creighton’s former basketball coach, as well as Dana Altman, director and producer. I am neither one of those talented people (sorry), but I am a designer/painter/history enthusiast/millennial that generally loves to create stuff. Also yes, if you’re really having to ask, that is my natural hair color.

Anway, I was born in Austin, TX, but then my family moved to Omaha, NE two months later, then Bennington ten years after that, so I just tell people I was raised in Nebraska to keep things simple. I went through public school, found a love for art and French, and after graduating high school, headed down to Lincoln, NE for college.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Fine Arts program in December 2012, so that could earn me the title of “artist” depending on who you ask. I was also an Art Director in UNL’s NSAC 2012 team, whose work for Nissan won the national competition in Austin and went on to receive 3 gold ADDYs in 2013 (that was kind of a big deal).

During my time as a student, I interned with Bailey Lauerman as part of the very first Bailey Lauerman Experience in 2011 (I was the only non-advertising undergrad, and that was super intimidating at first, but it was all awesome in general). After that, I was a full-time design intern for summer/fall semester at Local Hero Design in Lincoln, NE (no longer around, RIP), where I learned not only general graphic design stuff, but also animating in After Effects.

Post-graduation, I began my career with Rebel Interactive as their primary designer and worked there for three years while continuing to work on new freelance projects in both art and design. Today, I am the Art Department Manager at Identity Marketing, where I make a lot of WordPress sites, brochures, ads, packaging, decals, logos, brands, and generally lots of stuff you didn’t even know existed or that you needed. Don’t worry – art stuff still happens when I’m not at the day job 🙂

Want to know more? Shoot me a message!