Lauren Sieckmann

Healthy Body. Happy Mind

Client: Lauren Sieckmann
Date: July 1, 2016
Services: Logo Design, Website Design

Lauren Sieckmann, a professional volleyball player and model from Omaha, created the Lauren Sieckmann Whole Body System as a way of helping others balance both body and mind through proper diet and an exercise plan. To create the assets for her brand and marketing, she approached Identity Marketing Group for a logo, program videos, a website and a series of online pdf pieces to bring it all together.


Since Lauren was building from the ground-up, she needed a basic, clean logo for herself. In creating concepts, I opted for a simple wordmark, as we planned for her materials to predominantly use photography and video of herself as a model throughout her materials. The resulting logo uses a clean script, accompanied by all-capped sans serif fonts for a modern, bright look.

lauren sieckmann logo
lauren standing outside
lauren in gym with kettlebell
lauren holding logoed stetch bands


Lauren’s website began on a base WordPress theme that I then customized with a mix of original photography, custom icons and Revolution Sliders for the more complex rows on the homepage and headers. My role on the website also involved inserting content, setting up the details and settings of online memberships on the backend, and writing a few CSS modifications.

Lauren Sieckmann responsive web screens
lauren sieckmann home page on tablet
lauren sieckmann website on tablet 2
lauren program introduction on tablet
lauren about page on mobile
lauren f a q section on mobile
lauren blog on mobile

Exercise and Nutrition Guides

For each of the “programs” in Lauren’s plan, a comprehensive pdf of recipes, exercises and tutorials was created as an offline aid to those enrolled. Sharp, bright photography accompanies light text and helpful tables that give instructions on timing of exercises and rests. In the interactive versions, links to tutorial videos are also embedded within the tutorial pages.

Lauren Sieckmann master guide
Program 1 cover
program 2 cover
program 3 cover
nutrition spread 1
nutrition spread 2
exercise spread 1
exercise spread 2

Additional Credits: Frost Media Group (Photos and Video), Goswen (Copywriting)