Nissan: Hard to Explain, Easy to Experience

Client: Nissan/NSAC
Date: Spring 2012
Services: Print, Multimedia

In the spring of 2012, I was part of a team of several student marketers, account managers, copywriters, designers, and media managers chosen to create a campaign for the National Student Advertising Competition.

Our client: Nissan.

The challenge: Market 5 models of Nissan cars to a multicultural millennial audience.

After a great deal of research and interviews with members of our audience, our creative team materialized the campaign “Hard to Explain, Easy to Experience.”

A LOT of creative went into this campaign. My main role as one of the Art Directors on the team was to create the print work – specifically, ads for placement in magazines. To express Nissan’s spirit of innovation and keep in line with millennials’ love for interactive media, we opted for some print ads that made the viewer interact with it to get the full message.

With our strategy and additional creative, we went on to win First Place at Nationals and won a couple ADDY awards for our work.