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Hi! I'm Dana.

I’m a Texas-born, Nebraska-raised designer and painter that has a bottomless pit of a stomach for sushi and cheese. And, if you really feel compelled to ask, my answer to you is yes, that is my natural hair color.

I design for print and web, illustrate both on paper and in pixels, photograph with both a DSLR and an iPhone, customize web themes with HTML/CSS, and even play in motion graphics from time to time. Generally, I aim to create beautiful, clean and crisp designs to showcase a brand or any piece of it.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Fine Arts program in December 2012, so that earns me the title of “artist,” depending on who you ask. I was part of UNL’s NSAC 2012 team, whose work won the national competition in Austin and went on to receive three gold ADDYs in 2013 (you can see that project here).

My internship experience includes design time with both Bailey Lauerman and Local Hero Design in Lincoln, NE.

My very first job was working at REBEL, a small advertising agency, as their one and only designer for three years while continuing to work on new freelance projects in both art and design. I now work at Identity Marketing, a small promo agency, as the Art Department Manager.

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